5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael shows a bit of frustration about the ‘boyband’ tag

Poppy (@itspoppytho) from @FiveSOSUpdates fills us in on all the gossip from the cray cray world of 5 Seconds of Summer. 

So the other day Michael posted up a tweet…

Honestly, I can see why he was a bit upset by this. A lot of people are uneducated into what a “boyband” and a “band” is. I would definitely class 5SOS as a band.

A boyband definition is a band who don’t play their own instruments and dance around on stage to pop type music. A few examples of this would be JLS, One Direction and The Wanted. However, a band is made up of people who play their own instruments and write their own music.

5SOS do in fact play a similar type of sound to bands like ATL, Green Day, Mayday Parade ect. These are some of the bands they look up to. These people are classed as a band so why aren’t 5SOS? Yes they are young, attractive males but that is not what they should be judged on.

When going to a concert, if you’re used to seeing boybands live, you would not be able to compare them to 5SOS. 5SOS live would be more likely to compared to bands like All Time Low and a lot of fans do in fact think that.

So yes Michael, a lot of us do understand your frustrations with people saying how you’re not a “pop punk band.”

If they want to define themselves as a band people should listen! They obviously do know best about their band and anyone who thinks differently is wrong.


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