5 Seconds of Summer launched the #5SOSBLACKBOARD, thanks for the memories guys

So 5SOS have recently released a “blackboard” onto their website. This is where fans can post photos or post-it-notes of memorable photos, or anything else they want to post on there.

A lot of the photos have made a lot of fans… Well…


Some photos however are hilarious. It’s safe to say 5SOS weren’t the most photogenic children which make the old photos rather entertaining. So if you’re looking for a place to laugh and cry hysterically I would suggest to check out the website.

Here are some of the favourites I have seen so far.
Michael has some beautiful curly locks! His hair looks rather thick too… Ahh remember the days when Michael’s hair wasn’t falling out?


Luke use to have some very, er, interesting sunglasses to say the least.


Straight hair Ashton was always a personal favourite!


I don’t think any caption is needed for this photo of Calum…


So yes, if you would like to join an emotional roller coaster, visit the 5SOS Blackboard!

Written by @itspoppytho 

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