5SOS Updates: Wet 5SOS, ‘the lost tapes’, Ashton tattoo and banana cam.

What happened in the 5 Seconds of Summer world in the last days? Here’s an update from your favourite 5SOSFamily fan accounts on Twitter compiled by our friend Steph from @5SOSUPDATECREW. There hasn’t been much to update on recently on the 5 Seconds Of Summer front. Some things have happened though, for example I’ve got some pictures of WET 5SOS ;) Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 05.35.25 Ashton Irwin hitting the drums.. hard and tough ;) still looking like a God. Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 05.35.36

Michael Clifford looking like the cute little angel he is *awwe* Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 05.35.51

Luke Hemmings with straight hair gave us all a bit of an heart attack don’t you agree?

I didn’t have a picture of Calum being wet so let’s do a throw back to this shall we.. Very fetus Calum Hood but still cute.. His fashion sense has changed though.. Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 05.36.01 THE LOST TAPES Besides wet 5SOS, they released a new video on their channel 5 Seconds Of Summer, formerly known as Hemmo1996 *cries hysterically*. The video “5 Seconds Of Summer – Don’t Stop (The Lost Tapes)” was a small one on one talk with all of the four lads.

Can we just talk a bit about Luke answering the question “what do the ladies think about you, the superhero?” with “most of them talk about my legs” and the accuracy of that? He does have great legs and he should be aware of that, and who is better to tell him than the 5SOSFam?! Also that his arch enemy seems to be a chair..
Apparently Ashton got his muscles accidentally whilst being at the gym when equipment fell on top of him and that’s when something happened. He says that it was the right weight in the right circumstances and the right moisture in the air that made him superhuman. What he means by “moisture in the air” is up to one’s self to interpret. Calum or CalPal as you might know him as, has no superpower what’s so ever, he also doesn’t understand why Smash has his hair slicked back and thinks he takes himself too seriously..
He also doesn’t seem very fond of Mike-Ro-Wave.. well that only leaves him and Dr. Fluke.
I think we’re right to say that Dr. FalPal has some kind of Bromance going on. :) Mike-Ro-Wave thinks he’s more super than the others also that he’s the leader. If you want to watch the whole video yourself (which I 100% recommend that you do)


We also found out recently that Ashton got a tattoo of the 5SOS tally mark. He posted a selfie showing it off on both his Instagram and Twitter account. He looks very dreamy and adorable as ever even though he does have a tattoo.

Myself being in the 5SOSFam I know how crazy and emotional we all get with punk edits of our boys.. Ashton getting a tattoo makes them one step closer into making those edits real. Now Luke is the only one without one, so far. He does have a lip-ring though which must count for something. Well I’ve now mentioned punk edits so what kind of a person would I be if we didn’t include some punk edits right here? Remember that I haven’t made any of these so credit to the ones who have.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 05.46.20 BANANA CAM Bananas became so popular during the last week and we don’t really know why… *kidding* Special agent banana cam, nice to meet you! With those I’m done for now. But don’t forget to go and pre-order their ‘Don’t Stop’ EP and album ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’! You can do it on iTunes or go to and preorder a physical copy. Keep in mind that you’ll get a song before everyone else if you preorder the album from iTunes now! And before I go happy one year of ‘Try Hard’!

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