5SOS says it felt like a “real release” writing Sounds Good Feels Good. Not that kind of release, you naughties.

We are totally in love with 5SOS second album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ and now we know why.

beautiful x

Talking to ABC Radio, the band discussed about how they could excavate further into specific themes.

Michael said, “It was like a real release to write about some of the stuff that we have.

“And especially to get into talking about topics like…there’s an anti-suicide anthem, you know. It talks about loneliness and stuff like that.

“And that was something that we didn’t get to explore on the last album, but you know, it’s really important to us on this album.”

Aren’t they just precious? A song means so much more when an artist puts truth, emotion and experience in it, and when it’s relatable to you then it’s just beyond perfect.

I love them gif

We’re so proud of our boys!

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