5 Seconds of Summer’s second album is in the making. What do we know so far?

By: Lexi Wilder @5SOSReport

If you have been following the most recent posts from the 5 Seconds of Summer boys, you have seen some b&w pictures of the boys in the studio recently and the excitement is growing as we wait to hear the results of the songs they have been working so diligently on the past couple of months.


Right now it looks like the album is set to release in time with their 2015 headlining tour ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’, that begins in May. With their debut album ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ debuting at No. 1, there are high expectations for the boy’s next album. As the boys career continues to go up, excitement surrounds this upcoming album and especially around what musical talent this next album will showcase.


A photo posted by ????? A S H T O N (@ashtonirwin) on

(Ashton’s latest post on Instagram is of him in the studio recording some drums)

Their latest single, ‘Amnesia’ was written by The Madden Brothers who are well known for their work in the band Good Charlotte. Since the single was such a big hit, there is no surprise that the Madden Brothers have joined the Australian boys back in the studio to work together on writing some other amazing songs. Also seen in the studio again is none other than John Feldmann who has worked with bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, and, again, Good Charlotte. So maybe with this next album we will see a shift from some of the pop songs to more of a punk-pop sound.

Tunes. @alliesaurousrex took this :-)

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(Luke’s latest post on Instagram is of him with The Madden Brothers, and John Feldmann working on some tunes)

I’m late on posting this photo but #lads

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(Michael’s post on Instagram of the 5SOS boys with John Feldmann, Friends and fellow Pop Punk band All Time Low in the studio recently)

Fans on Twitter have voiced their opinion on what types of things that they are looking forward to on this album. When they were asked on Twitter what they looking forward to the most, the majority are hoping to see more vocal solos from drummer, Ashton Irwin. But overall the fans are just excited for some new tunes to come out just in time for summer and tour.

The 5 Seconds of Summer boys have been known to drop hints about new lyrics so keep a look out for their tweets. Could some of these recent tweets be new lyrics?

What are you looking for in 5SOS new album? What do you expect from the boy? Feel us at @maximumpop

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