5 Things You Need To Know About The Janoskians

There is a new group of young men releasing music and prancing about wearing very little, so we think it’s about time we introduced you to Beau, James, Daniel, Luke and Jai or, as they are more commonly known, The Janoskians.

1 The name “The Janoskians” is not a family name or a mixture of each of the memeber’s names or an alien race from Star Trek. The name is actually an acronym (this too is not an alien race from Star Trek) for the words; Just Another Name OSilly Kids IAnother Nation. Very clever boys!

2 The Janoskians do have a record deal but it did not start out that way. They found fame from YouTube (like the Biebs and many other pop sensations) but it wasn’t for singing. They were like a hot, young, Australian “Jackass” performing pranks and stunts on unsuspecting members of the public. We’re pretty sure this steals them the title of The Ultimate Cheeky Chappies!

3CUTE COUPLE ALERT: One of the members, Jai, is dating one of our newest and most favouritest pop starletts, Ariana Grande. Who wants a Janoskian/ Grande collab? We do!

The Janoskians’ latest single ‘Best Friends’ is catchy, light hearted, funny, addictive and cute (exactly what we look for in a guy). It even reached number 1 on the Swedish iTunes. The video pokes fun at One Direction and their success but it’s all good ‘cos Liam from 1D is a fan.

5They like to get naked… A LOT!

Watch the video for ‘Best Friends’ below:

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