5 things we’ve learnt from Jedward’s BBC Breakfast Interview

John and Edward Grimes (or as they are more commonly known, Jedward) were on BBC Breakfast show this morning and had a very quick interview. Luckily the Dynamic Duo from Dublin are skilled at speaking fast and so were able to pack a lot in. Sadly, there was no mention of Sharknado 2 but here’s 5 things we learnt:

1There will be a Jedwardian UK tour in September (mostly the south of England, but also Cardiff)

2Edward might whip his violin out on tour (that is not a metaphor for something else)

3Ed Sheeran approves of John’s guitar playing

They’re making 10 episodes of Jedward’s Big Adventure this year rather than 5 like the two previous series –  recording in September. We can’t wait!

5Their hair can be styled in different ways. Today it was flat. Tomorrow it might be spikey. Who knows? Keeps the fans on their toes.

You can watch the complete interview below. Check it out!

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