5 things we miss about 5 Seconds of Summer

Rebecca from @5SOSReport gets all nostalgic.

1. Ashton’s glasses

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Ash’s glasses that he wore during the UK leg of the ‘Take Me Home’ tour gave him an adorable, yet sophisticated look that we all fell in love with!


However, since loosing his specs in Scotland over a year ago, we have yet to see the glasses make an appearance, even though Ashton claims that he is as “blind as a shovel,” whatever that is supposed to mean!

2. Calum’s Mohawk!
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Although very short-lived, Cal’s mohawk-like hairstyle gained a lot of attention, and we have to say that we really liked it! Whether it was dyed red or just his natural dark colour, he could definitely pull it off, and we want it back!

3. Michael’s fringe
michael-clifford tumblr_inline_mv51g5h7dO1rp97rm

What else can we say? It was, as Calum would say, fringetastic! His long, blonde fringe was pretty much what Michael was known for back in the day, before he started dying his hair. When Michael and Calum met, it was the first time Calum ever saw a “proper fringe,” and we’d love to see it happen again.

4. Luke’s pink speakers
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.25.58

And queue the nostalgia! The iconic pink speakers that were featured in the background of all of Luke’s solo covers (pre-5SOS) are perhaps one of the most important objects in the 5SOS Fam, because this is where it all started! The speakers actually made a reappearance recently when Luke went home and tweeted a photo with them, causing a mass hysteria amongst the fans!

5. Matching Hairstyles
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.34.24

In the past, it seemed as if all four members of the band had virtually the same hairstyle! Long, straight hair with a swooping fringe was seen on all the lads for quite some time, before they eventually switched it up, opting for curls in Ashton’s case, and a massive quiff for Luke! We’d love to see the boys get out their straighteners and style their hair how it used to be for a day. Bring back the matching hairstyles!

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