5 Things Jedward and Tara Reid should collaborate together on.

Tara Reid’s tweet we mentioned recently made us realllly think. Other than a music video what could they collaborate on? We’ve come up with 5 possibilities.

A perfume:
Tara has recently come up with her own fragrance ‘Shark’ inspired by Sharknado but maybe the Jedwards could help her with another? We think it should be called ‘Tarward’, hopefully it won’t smell like tar though.


A song:
We’re unsure of Tara’s singing ability¬†but we can imagine this could be the new Aqua. Tara could be the twins’ Barbie Girl. We’d deffo buy the single!jedwarasong

Fashion line:
Tara loves her bikinis and Jedward love to design and accessorise their clothes. Metal studded bikinis anyone? Tara could be the model. Who knows John and Edward might even model some eye catching little numbers too. (Yes please.)


A film:
Jedward starred briefly in Keith Lemon’s movie but maybe with Tara’s connections they could star in… Sharknado 3?! Or maybe ‘The Jepic Adventures of Jedwara.’ We’re up for that no matter what.


Hair products:
Tara has b e a uuuuutiful hair and we all know how much Jedward like to use hairspray so.. Why not? Their own line of hairspray, hair accessories or even vertical hair extensions?! The possibilities are endless.
So there you have it. Can you think of anything else these three can collaborate on? Leave your comments below.

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