5 things we’d do if we got to Facetime Harry Styles

Last week, lucky Directioner Andrea Casique got to Facetime Harry Styles for 35 minutes, yep a whole 35 min. It was arranged through the Make-A-Wish foundation, and they gossiped about Harry being a colour, Larry Stylinson, his fave tattoo and a lot more. We are so jel, so we made a list of 5 things we’d do if we got the chance to chat with Mr Styles.

giphy (74)

  1. Ask him for a full on hair routine demonstration, we need to see that washing in action

giphy (70)

2. Get him to sing ‘History‘ to us because… all the feels


3. Beg him for One Direction to get back together now because we’re having serious withdrawal symptomsgiphy (72)

4. Ask him if he’d send a lock of his hair to us so we can stroke it and kiss it goodnight

giphy (73)

5. Blow him a kiss, because duh we’ve basically kissed Harry Styles

If you could Facetime Harry, what would you do? Let us know over on Twitter @maximumpop and make sure to send a GIF along too.

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