From denial to acceptance, here are the 5 stages of binge-reading we all know far too well

The biggest problem us bookworms face is a mountainous TBR stack vs a dwindling amount of time to read, so can you blame us when we go a little crazy sometimes and start binge-reading left, right, and centre? The Book Binge is an art form but it’s also sooo chaotic.. so we’ve put together a list of the five stages to binge-reading a book we’re all far too familiar with.

1. Denial

binge reading 1

Feeling confident we can finish this 500 page long book within 3 hours – even though it’s humanly impossible. Despite averaging at about 50 pages an hour we’re getting waaayyy ahead of ourselves by refusing to acknowledge any logic. We’re just so darn excited to read!

2. Anger

binge reading 3

3 hours later: the frustration has set in. We’re annoyed we’ve only managed 150 pages and we can’t help but start scrolling through Goodreads comparing our reading stats to everyone else’s. What gives? Why can’t we read as fast as them?!

3. Bargaining

binge reading 4

Pleading with ourselves to get some sleep after we finish the next chapter… or the next… erm, maybe the next one? It’s impossible to put this book down! Who needs sleep?

4. Depression

binge reading 2

Realising we’re definitely not finishing the book today makes us all feel a little blue. Nah, don’t worry about us… we’re definitely not sobbing into our pillow… god, that cliffhanger! These characters! THE FEELS!! Can you blame us for being so sad we can’t swallow this book down in one?!

5. Acceptance

binge reading 5

Finally, finally, we’ve come out the other side to sunshine and rainbows. After the tears and the moping around, you reach a point during your book binge where you realise you can’t possible read your fave all in one go – and that’s totally okay. No need to feel ashamed or think you’re less of a bookworm than your peers. Let’s be honest, we’re all equally addicted to books, but some of us kinda have to have a life too… so we’ll settle for one book every couple of days, thank you very much.

Been on a book binge lately? Come chat with us @maximumpopbooks about the fave books you’ve devoured in one!

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