10 5 Seconds Of Summer facts that are definitely 100% real and are not made up at all… Well… Maybe…

Now, we hope these 100% official 5 Seconds Of Summer facts (well, not exactly offical…) can help you have more of an insight into the world of 5SOS and what they’re like as people.

We’re sure you can use these facts to impress your friends and family on how well you now know 5SOS!

Written by @FiveSOSUpdates

  1. Luke Hemmings laugh has been known to revive people. I heard someone say it “gives people life.”
  2. Ashton Irwin’s dimple is so deep that people can swim in it, or even set up camp and stay there for the night.
  3. Calum Hood is actually French. Yup. He’s been lying to us this whole time saying he’s kiwi and scottish.
  4. Michael Clifford is actually bald. He uses wigs and when he gets fed up of one colour he goes to the wig store and buys another coloured wig.
  5. Ashton can speak 7 different languages. This includes unicorn, whale and dog. He’s very talented!
  6. Luke Hemmings actually has an identical twin brother called Eric. Sadly, the universe decided they’re too hot to be seen together so they can only see each other during winter months otherwise the world might overheat and we’d all die. Yup. True story.
  7. Calum used to wrestle sharks in his spare time. It’s why his arms are so muscular…
  8. Luke’s Hemming’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets.
  9. Michael has a toy cat called Fluffy and he likes to sing it to sleep every night and tuck it into bed. He is also very protective of Fluffy and likes to deny her existence as he is afraid someone will steal her.
  10. All of 5SOS have a major phobia of the dark so they like to all share the same bed otherwise they cry and can’t sleep at night. It’s just a giant group cuddle at night with them. But who wouldn’t want that?! I’m down for a group 5SOS cuddle!

Know anymore 5SOS facts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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