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Who’s your 5 Seconds of Summer boyfriend?


We’d all love a 5SOS lad to lock lips with and snuggle up to, but who suits you best?



What Twit Tweeted that? 5SOS, 1D, Zoella? Who the hell said that?Michael 1

Think you’re the master at deciphering all those Tweets our faves send? Let’s see if you really know which Twit said what.

Which 5 Seconds of Summer inanimate object are you?1

If you aren’t aware (you really should be), 5SOS have a lot of friends. A few of these not even being human or even alive.

Can you guess the 5 Seconds of Summer body parts? 5sosparty

We want you to carefully stare at these pictures of 5SOS’s body parts.

How well do you know 5SOS’ ‘Good Girls’ video?

good girlsAre you a grade A student when it comes to knowing everything about 5SOS’ ‘Good Girls’ video?

How well do you know 5 Seconds of Summer?

5sos danceDo you know when the lads started 5SOS and who only likes cheddar cheese? Here’s the ultimate test for you.

How well do you know Luke Hemmings?

luke hemmings sunniesHe looks so perfect in his American Apparel underwear. He’s sweet sweet as a lemonade in a hot summer day but do you know Luke Hemmings from 5SOS as much as you think?

How well do you know Ashton Irwin?

ashton tcaTo celebrate Ashton Irwin’s amazingness we’ve got a little quiz to test yourselves with. Your English GCSE will look easy after taking this quiz.

How well do you know Calum Hood?

tca calumCalum Hood plays with our heartstrings like we’re his instruments. With his heavenly voice and amazing writing skills he makes us jelly.

How well do you know Michael Clifford?

MichaelCliffordPiercingYou can tell everyone the exact day, month and year when Michael died his hair blue, purple or pink. You like him so much that you can even tell us his mother’s name.

Which 5SOS song are you?

5SOS VevoWhich 5SOS’ head-banging jam is your anthem? Get ready to roll down your windows and blast your perfect 5SOS song all day long!

Which Michael Clifford hair colour are you?

Michael Clifford redOur favourite Aussie guitar god changes his hair more often than his clothes, but which hair colour are you?

How well do you know ‘She’s Kinda Hot?

5SOS 2Do you know the lyrics back to front, inside out and better than your English coursework you should be studying? Of course you do.

Which 5 Seconds of Summer song describes your life?

5sos xoxoxAll their songs have great stories behind them, that you can easily hear through the lyrics. So which 5SOS song describes your life?

Who’s your 5SOS boyfriend and how do you meet?

5SOSIf you’ve ever wondered who you are most likely to date in 5SOS and how that magical moment would happen, wonder no more! Take our highly scientifically correct quiz which gives the most accurate results…

Can we guess your favourite 5 Seconds of Summer member?

5sos 2015Can we guess your favourite 5SOS member? Okay it’s pretty random and based on a few questions we made up but c’mon give us a chance.

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