Darryl Dishes: Luke Hemming’s kick is going to be their next album cover..

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back with more exclusive goss only on MP!. Today it’s just another piece of journalistic perfection which proves to the world he has the most amazing job, ever. Here’s Darryl having a chat with the 5 Seconds of Summer lads, excluding Michael.

“It’s like chopping a limb off!” said Calum quite dramatically, but he wasn’t wrong. Luke, Calum and Ashton just didn’t have the same ring to it. 3 Seconds of Summer. Huh. 

There was a tragic picture floating around Twitter last week of a dejected Mikey Clifford leaning against a New York window watching a video. It’s assumed he’s watching his band perform… in the UK… without him. Mikey is good at lots of things, playing guitar, using hairspray, sticking his tongue out for pictures. It just turns out that keeping hold of his passport cannot be counted as an attribute.

“He’s such a douche sometimes, it’s hilarious!”

It felt odd, just the three of them. As the camera rolled and my producer waved for me to start, I felt an urge to delay in case Mikey came dashing around the corner apologising for being late. Alas, it wasn’t going to happen, so there was only one thing for it… get some dirt on Mikey while he’s stuck on the other side of the world.

“If we’re all sharing a bowl of chips, he’ll take his hand and eat some then sprinkle whatever is left on his fingers back into the bowl” explained Ashton, “He grew up as an only child so he’s never really shared chips” said Calum, “He’s not aware of his surroundings.”

Yuk. That aside, it still sucks that they can’t be together. They’ve been performing acoustic shows to make up for the missing member and have done a very good job under the circumstances. But the stripped back show leaves little room for the now famous ‘Luke Kick’.


“This is spreading!” he laughed, “It’s just a kick that I’ve adopted on stage by accident in which my leg goes very high, usually after a jump.” he explained, “People seem to love it. I feel an album cover coming on!” added Ashton, “But I’m a bit worried he’s going to pull something and then me and Calum will be on our own!”

Dear God, no! We absolutely cannot lose another member! Not least because the guys have a huge mega tour to smash in 2015!

“I’m already sad about that ending” said Calum, weirdly, “You know when you’re looking forward to something so much you’re worried about it being over?”

Erm… sure.

“We have so much stuff lined up; so many surprises. I can’t say too much but expect special guests! One in particular we’re hoping will be super huge!” admitted Ashton.

Be still my beating heart! My money is on Ed Sheeran. Or Taylor? Now that would be special. Let’s just make sure Mikey keeps his passport safe, eh?

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