5 Seconds of Summer

Looking for more random 5 Seconds of Summer facts? Well here they are!

  • The original band first formed on the 3rd of April, 2011 which was Luke, Calum and Michael. They later added Ashton to form the final line up in December 2011.
  • They met at school, at Norwest Christian College.
  • They thought of the band name while they were in math class
  • They did once think about auditioning for the X Factor, but didn’t in fear of being known as ‘that band from X Factor’.
  • Their biggest musical inspirations include Blink 182, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Green Day, Mayday Parade and Ed Sheeran.
  • Their favourite place in the world is Australia (obviously!
  • If they like someone, their way to get the persons attention is to throw a ball at them
  • They admitted that they would rather drink 100 cups of Coke, than eat 100 cheeseburgers.
  • They used to brush their teeth together before every show. One of the strangest pre-show rituals we’ve ever heard of.
  • They all think that Batman is hotter than Spiderman.
  • The boys fell in love with the English accent when they visited Blackpool.
  • Their song “Out Of My Limit” was originally called “Over The Limit” but they had to change it due to it sounding like it was about alcohol
  • They once had to stop and busk on the street due to not having enough money for petrol to get home!
  • The boys admitted that they very rarely wear matching socks.
  • They once got shouted at in a shop for being dressed up in their costumes.
  • They apparently love it when someone has a Twitter name that’s something to do with 5SOS.


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