Meet 5 Seconds of Sexx – your new favourite punk rock band.

When we logged onto Twitter today, something was a little bit different. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it until we saw this…

Oh, cool, 5SOS have got their costumes ready for Halloween, that’s good.

Wow, they’ve even had a photoshoot… they must be dedicated…

Wait, what? Lucas Loxx? Ashton Axxe? We guess Lashton are really into this.

Oh dear…

all about the Sexx Appeal A photo posted by Michael Clifford 🍆 (@michaelgclifford) on

Look how vintage this looks!

Not gonna lie, Calum, you look a little bit like your sister, Mali here.

5 Seconds of Sexx even had their first performance last night at iHeartRadio…

Well, we guess we know who wins this year’s best Halloween costume competition, don’t we? Not gonna lie, though, it does slightly turn us on a little.

make love

Maybe they can be their own opening act next year for Sounds Live Feels Live?

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