5 reasons why we love PointlessBlog #HappyBirthdayAlfie

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Alfie Deyes, aka PointlessBlog, is one of the most current Youtubers of right now. To celebrate his 21st birthday, on September the 17th, we have put to together the top 5 reasons why we love him soooo much, trust us, it was difficult to cut it down to just 5!

1. His hair

Alfie’s hair never fails to look perfect, whether it’s the just-got-out-of-bed hair or the perfectly-styled-going-out hair it always looks so touchable and on point. Also, he rocks a bandana, beanie and snapback which is more than can be said for most boys.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.18.13

2. His style

Effortless yet stylish is how we would class Alfie’s dress sense. We feel like he is the perfect fashion icon for young males, as he represents the affordable but still trendy side of fashion. We hope that he brings out a line of merchandise that reflects his simple yet unique style.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.18.31

3. His drive

No we don’t mean his ability to drive a car, he hasn’t got his full licence yet! We mean his passion to do well for himself and succeed, both in and outside of YouTube. Alfie has just released an activity book, called the Pointless Book, which he has been working hard on for a long period of time. We love this book and really admire the way that Alfie has pushed the boundaries and not just remained on YouTube; he has expanded into a different market. You can tell that Alfie works so hard on everything that he does, and that he is so enthusiastic about everything he is doing and this is one thing that we particularly admire about him.


4. His positivity

Positivity is an admirable trait in any person, but Alfie seems to take positivity to a whole new level. Even when things don’t go his way, he always manages to think on the bright side, this is shown so much in his daily vlogs, and he inspires his viewers to act likewise and carry on smiling through any tough situation.


5. His videos

Alfie is most famous for his YouTube videos, he recently reached 3 million subscribers on his main channel, PointlessBlog, and has over a million subscribers on both his vlog channel, PointlessBlogTV, and his gaming channel, alfiegames, so congrats Alfie! In all his videos you can clearly see why he has so many subscribers compared to other YouTubers, even though his content is somewhat similar, his amazing personality shines through in all the tag videos, challenge videos or q&a’s that he does. His millions of dedicated fans love his videos, so if you haven’t checked them out yet here are a few of our favourites to get you started:

Happy Birthday Alfie!

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