5 reasons why Newt Scamander resolutely kicks Harry Potter’s ass at life

We’d rather have a Niffler any day

No surprises here, but Harry Potter is nobody’s favourite HP character: fact. As much as you can try to deny it, in a world full of smart, funny and dynamic characters there’s so many more witches and wizards we’d rather be. Soz.

Newt Scamander? Now, Newt Scamander is a character who kicks ass. Ever since ‘Fantastic Beasts‘ hit big screens we’ve fallen head over heels for Eddie Redmayne‘s adorkable portrayal of our new Hufflepuff sweetheart. Ngl, we’re kind of in love with him – thanks a lot, Jo.

Don’t agree that Newt is the bomb? Well here’s five times he completely owned Harry, and if you can read this article without falling in love with him too then we’ll eat a vomit-flavoured Bertie Botts bean. Deal?

1. Newt has the best pet (sorry Hedwig)

Hedwig might be the most beautiful, majestic creature in ‘Harry Potter’ – and we cried buckets when she died – but there is no way on earth that anyone watched ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and DIDN’T come away demanding a Niffler for Christmas.

Seriously. This little guy is the most adorable thing to come out of the franchise since tiny eleven year old Daniel Radcliffe took to the stage.

2. Newt’s wardrobe is quirky and interesting

Whereas Harry legit only owns one t-shirt. See!

Get some style, Potter.

JK Rowling has FINALLY answered the question we’ve all been asking about the ‘Cursed Child’ movie

Um… did anyone notice Newt Scamander’s cameo in the first ‘Harry Potter’ films? We sure didn’t!

3. Newt isn’t a complete idiot when it comes to how to treat magical creatures

Unlike Harry. The first Triwizard Tournament task speaks for itself.

4. Newt has his very own SECRET CLUB HOUSE. What does Harry have?

That briefcase Newt is always carrying around? Yeah. It’s pretty much the raddest place in existence. We’d holiday there if we could (will we need a Visa post-Brexit?).

Sure, Harry has the Room of Requirement and that’s pretty spectacular but this is a PORTABLE hiding spot, in a BRIEFCASE, full of ADORABLE ANIMALS. It does not get cooler than that.

5. Newt uncovered Gellert Grindlewald’s secret identity pretty fast

Throwback to ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, in which it took Harry, Ron and Hermione an entire year at school to uncover Voldemort squatting on the back of Quirrell’s head.

And even then, they only found out because he revealed himself. If there’s one thing we know about Harry it’s that he’s one of the most oblivious guys in the entire Wizarding World.

Helloooo, if this weren’t true then how did it take him so long to realise the romantic chemistry between his two best friends?

At least Newt managed to figure out where Grindlewald was hiding, y’know, on his own. In a timely fashion. And save the American Wizarding World in the process.

There’s about a thousand reasons why Newt Scamander would kick Harry Potter’s ass every time, and we challenge you to add to the list. Or do you think we’re wrong? Let us know in the comments below which magical leading man has captured your heart and the reasons why they’re so 10/10.

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