We’re going to relive One Direction’s OTRA Sheffield 3 just a few more times, kay?

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still emotionally unstable since the end of the OTRA tour on Saturday, but we thought it’d be fun to remember 5 awesome moments from the last show and torture ourselves with them.

  1. When Harry just couldn’t resist touching Niall’s bum anymore.

2. When Louis had a silly-string fight with a fan for the last time in a while.

3. When Harry held up a 1D shirt and decided to sing with his own merch.

4. When they repeated the chorus of ‘Act My Age’ 5 or 6 times purely for the enjoyment of their friends and families and themselves.

5. And then we’ve got the best bit of the show – the hugs. Let’s start off with OT4.

The individual hugs that made us cry so much.

Because it was so special, here’s Louis and Harry hugging from multiple angles:

And if that wasn’t emotional enough for you yet, try this video.


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