The 5 best revision apps to help you ace your exams

Exam season is creeping up and we’re gathering all the tips for cramming in those last minute revision sessions and making them as productive as

Living in a modern digital world, revision doesn’t have to be the classic pen and paper technique (*yawn*). With a variety of different apps and tools out there, acing your exams has never been so easy.

Here are our top 5 must-have apps which we reckon will be your study saviours:

1. Gojimo (Android and iOS, free)


Where has this app been all our life? With a range of different qualifications (GCSE, A level,  even University) and subjects, this app covers a wide range of exam boards and specific modules so you know that what you’re revising is 100% relevant.

It even lets you monitor your progress as you complete quizzes so you can see what your best and worst topics are and the percentage of the material that you’ve learned.

2. iMindMap (Android and iOS, free)mindmap

If you’re a visual learner, this app is for you. iMindMap allows you to digitalise the classic revision method of mind-mapping, so you can create your own illustrations using its built-in sketch tool and have them with you on the go. Oh, the wonders of modern technology.

3. Cram (Android and iOS, free)cram

Flashcards your thing? Cram is your new best friend.  The app lets you create and share your own flashcards but, with over 136 million flashcards in their database, it’s probably likely that someone else has already made one for the topic you’re revising.  Revision is so much easier when somebody else has already done half the work, right?

4. QuizUp (Android, iOS and Windows, free)quiz

Okay – this one’s definitely more play than work, but who says revision can’t be fun? This multiplayer trivia game lets you battle it out against players around the world on a variety of weird and wonderful subjects. With topics like Shakespeare quotes, this app can be a great tool when revising for closed text English exams.

5. Exam Countdown (Android and iOS, free)exam-countdown

Downloading revision apps is good and all but it’s pointless if you don’t actually plan when you’re going to study each topic. This app lets you create a countdown for each of your exams which is great as not only can you schedule your revision, but it’s also a reminder to get revising in the first place.

Do you have any revision app recommendations of your own? Hit us up with them @maximumpop

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