MP! Exclusive: 5 After Midnight reveal what it takes for a boyband to win ‘The X Factor’

5 After Midnight are one of the most exciting acts to have appeared on ‘The X Factor’ in recent years. They literally take us back to the heyday of JLS and that ain’t no bad thing.

Kieran Alleyne, Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee first impressed the judges with their sick harmonies and lit dance moves. Check out their first audition.

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Now the competition is getting really FIIIIIIEEEEERCE wethought it was time to get to know the future superstars personally. Here’s how that convo went…

Hi guys! Could you tell us about your experience on ‘The X Factor’ so far?

Kieran: It’s been amazing.  We’re just having fun. Just three lads in this together and it’s a great experience.

What made you want to audition?

Kieran: We were all trying to make it solo and it just wasn’t really working. So we thought why don’t we audition as a band and see how it works, and in the first audition we just went for it.

Nathan: The show is renowned for producing worldwide pop stars so we thought we’d give it a shot.

Do you think you could be the next One Direction?

Jordan: We kinda want to be in our own league, but we love 1D.


What is one thing you have experienced about being on the show that you didn’t expect?

Kieran: All the contestants got to meet John Legend and had a heart to heart with him. We got to get some feedback, but during that I actually got to sit down at the piano and play ‘Ordinary People’ for him and he actually sang the song over the top. That’s one of my goals realised.

That’s an insane moment. The dream is alive.


Whats your fave performance so far and if you made it to the final which of the songs you’ve performed so far would you like to do again?

Kieran: I feel like we all have different opinions on which one we think is our best performance. For me, my favourite performance so far is Divas week.

Nathan: Spice Girls or Motown.

Jordan: I think Disco week or the Spice Girls.

Who would you like to duet with in the final?

Jordan: I think I’d go with Justin Timberlake.

Kieran: Yeah someone like Justin Timberlake for sure.

Good choice. Who do you miss most in the house out of the contestants who’ve been eliminated?

Kieran: I would say Four of Diamonds or Sam (Lavery).

Jordan: Yeah Four of Diamonds.


What is the biggest dealbreaker when it comes to dating?

Nathan: Bad breath!

Jordan: You just gotta look the part haha. I’m not all about the looks though, but you know what I mean.

Nathan: And a bad attitude. Can’t be arrogant.

What do you think it takes for a band to win ‘The X Factor’? How would you feel if you were the first boyband to win?

Kieran: For a boyband to win ‘The X Factor’ they have to be diverse and show lots of different skills, rather than just being a standard band. You have to stand out.

Jordan: You’ve got to be yourself and be real.

Nathan: Unity. You have to be together in what you do.

And in our humble opinion you are all that!

Thanks for chatting with us, lads. Catch 5 After Midnight on ‘The X Factor’ next weekend!

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MP! Exclusive: Fierce Finn Saara Aalto reveals why she could take home the ‘X Factor’ crown

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