INTERVIEW: We break the news to 4th Impact that Nick, Olly, and Caroline have left ‘The X Factor’

We love 4th Impact, and we’d like to think that 4th Impact love us too. The girls took some time out of their VERY busy schedule during The X Factor Tour to tell us all about being back with their former rivals and Che Chesterman’s bad habits. Then when it was all going really well, we dropped the bombshell that Nick Grimshaw, Olly Murs, and Caroline Flack won’t be returning to the series. Read on to see how they took the news…


You’re currently on The X Factor Tour which sees you reuniting with a few of the other contestants from last year’s series. Which act did you miss the most since you’ve been away?

Actually all of them! You know, we became a family so just seeing them now is… yeah, we can say all of them.

What do you miss the most about living in The X Factor house?

Basically just the house because it’s so massive! Especially because we had our own room that we shared, it was a big room. The pool, there’s a personal shopper, you have your own bodyguard and that’s what we miss about the house.

Is being on the tour bus with everybody just like being back in the house?

No! In terms of the bus, it’s really different. You just have to sit down and travel. It’s not like in the house where you could do whatever you want, you can just hang around. In the bus it’s just sitting down and resting.

Which of the contestants has the worst bad habits?

Oh, that’s a hard question! Louisa Johnson‘s here so we can’t say her because she’s listening! Che… yeah, Che… he’s always singing on the bus! He just loves singing!

Without giving too much away about your set, can you tell us what people can expect from a 4th Impact performance?

We can show a different side of 4th Impact and put on a different level for our songs. Especially ‘Bang Bang’. Because this isn’t the 4th Impact that you’ve seen on The X Factor TV show, it’s a whole different level because this is a tour, and in regards to performance and stage, it’s really different from what you’ve seen on TV.

Is there a song that you performed on The X Factor that you’re not performing on the tour and wish you were?

We’re not going to say because we don’t want to spoil what songs we’re performing. We’re really happy with our set for this tour though.

Obviously this week the news broke that Nick Grimshaw, Olly Murs and Caroline Flack are all leaving The X Factor, so…

NO! OH MY GOD! They’re leaving?

Yeah, did you not know? What are your thoughts on their departures?

All of them? Caroline, Olly, and Nick?


Oh, that’s sad. That’s really sad. We didn’t know about the news because we’ve been on the tour and we’ve been so busy with our performances that we haven’t been able to look at the news. But this has saddened us because, of course, we think they were perfect. Especially Nick, and, they were all just perfect for the show.

Do you have any thoughts on who you’d like to see replace them on the next series?

That’s really hard. We can’t… We’ve been like a family on The X Factor so it’s really hard to think that anybody could replace them because of their humour and how they treat their work. They’re all so professional so we can’t think of anybody that should replace them.

Have you got any advice for anybody that’s thinking of audition for this year’s series of the show?

Based on our experience, we’d say being yourself is really, really important. Knowing your music too, just show what you’ve got. Enjoy everything because a lot of singers have a voice but it’s really different when you enjoy it and have confidence, you know what you want to say and what your music sounds like.

Where do you hope to see 4th Impact in a year from now?

Wow! We’d love to see 4th Impact having our own album, we’re praying to have our own music out. We’d love to have our own tour and living in the UK!

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