41 thoughts we’ve all had about Percy Weasley

Tell us again about that prefect badge

The marmite Weasley brother. You kinda love him, or you kinda think he’s a prat.

Plus, there’s a MASSIVE difference between book-Percy and film-Percy, which doesn’t help. So whether you’re 100% down with his story of redemption, or will not be dissuaded from thinking he needs to stop fussing over cauldron bottoms and get a clue, these 41 things will ring true. 

1. This quite logical and recurring thought:

2. A truth universally known:

3. Yeah, blame it all on the rat…

If that’s what helps you sleep at night.

4. A casual observation about the state of the fandom on Tumblr:

Can Tumblr EVER be trusted with something as precious as a fandom though? Really?

5. The films were not kind to Percy, regardless of how you feel about him.

6. Well…

…Now that you mention it.

7. This is pretty cool though:

8. And yet…

9. Ok, ok! We weren’t thinking these things…

…Until you suggested them!

10. And then there’s this thought:

11. Ugh. Merlin’s beard. It must have been a NIGHTMARE.

12. We know. (At least, we know NOW. Thanks to #7)

13. Just in case you needed a quick refresh on the rise and fall of Percy Weasley:

14. *sucks in breath through teeth*

It’s just… *struggles to withhold the word “prat”*

Draco Malfoy’s sidekick Goyle has upgraded himself to “kickass” and we’re flustered

Remember toothy Slytherin chase Marcus Flint? You won’t believe what he looks like now

15. *exhales* Someone had to ask.

16. We wondered the exact same thing. But then this post happened.

17. Same, bruh.

18. This dad has it down:

19. Plus, those small details really do make a difference…

20. And everyone needs a hobby, right?

21. Percy is not without class though.

22. Just a few facts to chew on. Why? Because we all like to think of him as a rebel on the inside.

21. This actually captures everyone’s inner conflict about the guy:

22. Even if he was the butt of ALL the jokes.

23. Umm. Quite probably.

You sly dog, Percy.

24. WE KNOW! And it still hurts.

25. Oof. That’s harsh, JK. Even for you.

26. This exchange:

27. And much fun was had by all.

28. So not only does this match up with our thoughts about Percy…

…But also our thoughts on Dumbledore being a bit of a prat too.

29. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

30. Preach.

31. 100% we would binge watch this:

32. Ok, let’s talk.

33. But still. You wouldn’t want to necessarily sit next to him at a dinner party because, you know…

34. Yah. This too.

35. Welp. We might not have had this particular thought:

But now it’s stuck in our heads. Lovely.

36. YAAS!

37. And he would have been most welcome! #NotAllSlytherinsAreEvil #Choices

38. A “quote” after our own hearts.

*whispers* we know

39. Yes. And it is a gloriously emo image.

40. He is THAT guy.

41. Deffo. But he’s enjoying himself though. And that’s the main thing, right?

Are you a Percy fan, or are you in the “he’s a prat” camp? Tell us!

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Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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