37 times Tumblr understood your binge watching problems better than you

Just one more

Life isn’t all about Netflix. Because there’s also NOWTV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video…

And that’s before you start breaking out the DVD box sets. Binge watching is a way of living. It is a life choice that you have made, and dammit, you’re gonna stick by it. That next episode is there for you, even when no one else is.

But there is one place that categorically gets it better than you. That magical unicorn hellfire place that is Tumblr…

1. You know you’re doomed when Netlfix gets you before you even settle down to watch something:

2. The anxiety over that series finale…

3. And then there’s those late night problems…

4. Even your ‘rents aren’t safe from the binge anymore…

5. But this complex is forever in the back of your mind:

6. But the beauty of it is that it’s NEVER too late to jump on a fanwagon.

7. It should be recognised as a real talent though. You should be able to put this stuff on your CV:

8. That face tho. Is dis u?

9. This is a genuine side-effect and cannot be predicted or avoided:

10. You may or may not be a case for self-neglect by the time you’re done.

11. Is dis also u?

Because it’s a life choice. And you’ve made it. So well done for doing you.

12. All it takes is that gateway episode…

…and you’re locked in. FOR LIFE! Or for the lifespan of that series, anyway.

13. Other “normal” people just don’t get it.

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14. DENY IT!

Just wave your hands mysteriously and wait for the fade out to black. Because that happens in RL too, right?

15. It’s a hate-love relationship that only other binge watchers understand.

16. Sports? Pssh. A show in a language you don’t understand? HELL YEAH!

17. Living in a perpetual state of “just one more”.

Because what’s the harm? Who needs 20/20 vision, or sleep, or a life outside of four walls? You’ve got ALL THOSE SHOWS to keep you company.

18. It’s probably best left as a solo activity tbf. Precious screen time lost to explaining dumb things.

19. Sleep is an unnecessary waste of time. Time that could be spent watching the next ep.

20. You’re always in one of these 5 stages. Always.

21. Preach.

22. Start to wonder if Netflix is actually evil…

But naaaah. *clicks play*

23. Cherish the time. You try to. And then you don’t.

24. You and the sofa: WE ARE ONE! WE ARE ETERNAL!

25. YAAS! Glory be to Tumblr.

26. Like, yes, Netflix, thanks for checking in bet we good. We good.

27. Same applies to every series ever.

It’s not an obsession (but you can check with our test here). It’s totally normal. Netflix is life.

28. Hello darkness my old friend…

But then the next episode starts and you can breathe.

29. Who the heck wants to watch something WEEKLY? Pssh.

30. What are we being taken for? Lightweights?

31. Well yeah, it would be more accurate.


33. And because you should be putting this epic talent to good use…

Tbf, at this point, any alternative would be better.

34. Basically, Netflix makes you an expert.

In all things.

35. Oh my goddd.

36. This happens. Nothing to be ashamed off. Just keep watching.

37. Well, yeah. But you’ve got ‘The 100’ and hundreds of other shows so… *shrugs*

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