36 times Tumblr proved Dumbledore was a bit of a dickwad


Have you ever stopped to think about this dude? Sure, sure, he had the elder wand, he was probably the most powerful wizard of the age, he had a flouncy beard, big whoop.

But besides becoming a gay icon, we’re not 100% sure what else Dumbledore has done for Harry Potter other than be a total ass hat. Our friends on Tumblr agree; it’s time Dumbledore was outed for being the giant pillockytwat that he was.

Look, he was a cool wizard. He said some great things, he made fabulous entrances and exits. He runs Hogwarts for chrissake! But how many times does he have to screw over those school children before someone says enough is enough?

1. Why wasn’t McGonagall headmistress?  

2. And this. Every. Single. Book.

What a douchebag.

3. It’s a blessing really, because Dumbledore with an iPhone would be a NIGHTMARE!

4. Prat.

5. You’d think he’d get off Snape’s case a bit… All things considered.

6. Favouritism. Always with the favouritism.

If it had been Snape…

7. Favouritism. And double standards.

8. This thought pattern:

9. This accurate summary:

10. And you just know that this is the real reason why getting to Hogwarts can be an issue for new students…

What % Dumbledore are you?

Which witch said this?

11. Yep.

12. Dumbledore is a total genius.

13. This is how the series really went down:

14. After all, he’s Dumbledore bitch. He can do as he pleases.

15. He can get as high as he likes. When he likes.

16. But this is the RL question we’re all wondering about…

Because he’s Dumbledore. And he can do stuff.

17. Even in death he has to be on trend.

Seriously, bruh?

18. Messing with your ships like…

19. And just in case you still needed convincing of his douchebaggery:

20. Show some respect, Harry.

21. Thanks for being the adult in the situation.

22. Molly Weasley saw through him though:

23. Again, just messing around with your ships like…

24. #confirmed

25. Because we all know he’s that one dick that is determined to make everyone join in.

Regardless of how uncomfortable he’s making them.

26. Biased? Noooo.

27. No one would notice. Because Dumbledore is a dickwad.

28. Oh yeah, and this…

29. Completely and utterly impartial.

30. Awarding points in place of having an actual clue:

31. Why indeed. (No, we know why).

Because he’s a DICKWAD!

32. Dumbledore’s natural state: IDGAF

33. Harry knows what’s up.

34. He treats everyone the same. Everyo-

35. Even Voldemort is done with his crap.

36. Yeah, way to go, bro. Well handled.

Are you on board with this? Are you done with Dumbledore’s hero act, or are you a hardcore fan? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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