32 Reader Problems – because we know the bookish struggle is real

Reading isn’t the most dangerous of hobbies, nor is it particularly strenuous (we know, we know, it blummin’ well is! But muggles just don’t understand).

muggles big bang theory

However, the struggle is very much real. From broken covers to disturbed reading peace, we know that kicking back with your favourite book isn’t always as easy as all that.

Here we’ve listed some problems only avid readers will really understand. It’s a tough world out there, bookworms.

1. Book hangovers. Probably the biggest, ugliest and most debilitating part of being a reader. And it’s not the kind of hangover you can hide behind dark glasses.

bad teacher

2. Bookmarks. Never there when you need them. The flakiest friends ever.

3. Visiting the bookstore with non-bookish friends and trying to have some chill. And failing.

bobs burgers excited

4. Instead of returning books to the library you end up taking more out. And sitting in the car after, having no idea how it happened…

5. Genuinely reading a book cover to cover, but when asked the simplest question you draw a complete blank #haveyouevenreaditbro

6. Reading hardbacks in bed… Because you thought dropping your phone on your face hurt.

7. Sweating when you have to pronounce certain character names out loud. And sometimes we’re caught out by more than a rogue vowel… ‘hermieeoninny’?


8. Feeling guilty over how many book boyfriends you have. At what point does it become a reverse harem?

9. Waiting a year or, god forbid, more than a year, for the sequel.

10. Eye strain.

11. Backache.

black books

12. ‘Just one more chapter’ syndrome.

13. These letters: T B R.

14. Going on a book buying ban, knowing it will be as effective as joining a gym in January. It’s cool for a week.

15. Casually scanning reviews for your next read but someone hasn’t pointed out the SPOILER ALERT!

dumb and dumber

16. Going through the grieving process when your favourite series ends.

17. Finishing a book and still not understanding the title. Re-read?

18. Trying to get home from an event with 3+ totes full of books.


19. Feeling anger at the words “but we could order it in for you.”

20. Feeling anger at your own country for not having its own version of BEA.

21. Feeling anger. Over books.

22. The guilt of seeing a film before reading the book.


23. Every piece of your furniture becoming a bookshelf. No flat surface is safe.

24. Still waiting for the sequel… And the release date is pushed back. Twice.

25. Raging at your Kindle at 00:01 on release day. WHERE. ARE. MY. PRE-ORDERS?

game of thrones

26. Finding a handbag big enough for your books… and hopefully other stuff to, but sometimes you have to sacrifice non-essential gear i.e. anything that is not a book.

27. Feeling like you have better friends inside books than IRL. #sorrynotsorry

28. Besides, your IRL friends just don’t understand how your Saturday night plans to go to bed early with a good book and a hot chocolate are better.

29. Trying to sound clever/witty while tweeting your favourite author, but instead sounding like a total creeper.

30. After reading a stunner of a sentence you have to put the book down and stare out the window for a few moments. And maybe cry.

31. Religiously watching booktube vids just to perv on their bookshelf set up and spot the titles you also own.

32. Finishing a book but you forgot to mark it as ‘currently reading’ on Goodreads. Now shelving it as ‘read’ makes you feel like a fraud.

The list goes on. We could have continued forever. But please do share your own reader problems with us @maximumpopbooks


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Written by Sarah Clare

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