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It’s been 3 years since 1D’s Sport Relief campaign, let’s recap. Don’t forget the tissues.

Time flies when you’re obsessed with One Direction. Did you know its been THREE years since they went to Ghana in support of Sport Relief and we balled our eyes out?


Let’s have a quick recap of what went down.

Louis & Niall went to see what two boys had to do to survive. We cried.

Zayn met a young boy called Christopher. We cried, Zayn cried, we cried again.

Harry and Liam visited the emergency room. We cried, Harry cried, we cried some more.

One Direction see how much £5 matters to this cause. We cried, Zayn cried again, we cried even more.

Harry and Liam witness the horrific effects of Malaria. We cried, Harry cried and we sobbed.

Make sure to donate to Sport Relief this year, it’ll be taking place from the 18th to the 20th of March and even penny counts.

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