29 tumblr posts about Dobby that are just plain weird

*clicks fingers*

Dobby is a free elf. Dobby is also a strange elf. For some his death is still too much. For others it’s just one less annoying character left in the HP universe. How did he become the Jar Jar Binks of the fandom? Who knows.

But what we do know is that people get weird when they think about the little guy too much. And by “people” we mean “Tumblr”.

1. Relatable post #1:

Wouldn’t we all?

2. Well yes. This too.

Johnny Depp hasn’t had the warmest welcomes into the fandom.

3. People like their socks, apparently. It means something.

4. This. Abridged.

5. Potterheads and children, weirdly, aren’t a good mix…


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7. Wut?

8. Believable:

9. Crap happens, man.

10. *snorts*


11. Who dis?

12. Froget the children (see #5) – Potterheads just can’t be trusted. To adult. To lyfe. To anything.

13. You know it’s true…

14. Ooh. What? Ok.


15. God no.

16. This simple and yet TERRIFYING au:

17. Actual genius.

And what a world that would be!

18. But that would mean Narcissa… No. Nope. Not going to even imagine it.

You’re imagining it, aren’t you? Nothing good can come of it. Stop. Stop now.

19. …

We don’t either.

20. At least Harry has a plan… It’s just not that great on paper.

21. This ship list:

22. Same, bro. Same.

23. That damn hat again…

24. Essentially every Dobby scene:

25. Some actual sound advice:

26. #AlltheSocks

27. What?! Lel.

28. The likeliness is uncanny…

Or nah.

29. OH NO!

Are you a Dobby fan? Or are you of the “more annoying than a fly in your bedroom at night” camp? Share your thoughts with us!

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