27 quite frankly cool AF music festivals you’d be a dumbass to miss in 2017

This summer may just be the death of us

So you missed out last year… and the year before that… and the year before that. Stop. 2017 is going to be different: promise yourself that right now. You’re going to see all your faves do their thaaang up on stage and even the ones you love who won’t be there (booo!) you can still party with in spirit.

Question is, which music festival should you rock your socks off at this year? Don’t worry, no matter your taste or location around the world we’ve got you covered. You’d have to be a serious idiot to miss out on these 27 music fests.

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1. Roskilde

Roskilde Festival - Orange head on

  • Where? Roskilde, Denmark
  • When? 24th June – 1st July 2017

Fancy the largest festival in Northern Europe? We’ll never be royaaaals but Roskilde is your one, with teen queen Lorde performing at the festival.

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