27 bra struggles we girls just can’t handle anymore

Ladies and fellow boob-carriers, we all know the struggles are REAL when it comes to bras. You’d think something designed to give us year-round support wouldn’t give us so many problems but oh boy is wearing a bra a lot of hard work.

Here are 27 #brastruggles we girls just can’t handle anymore:

1. Having to have that vaguely awkward conversation with your mum

We’re a WOMAN now, okay mum?! We need more than just emotional support, we need something to cover our growing A cups too.

2. Somehow never finding the perfect cup size

We just don’t know why…

3. In fact, it would be so much easier if every store didn’t have completely different sizing

Because this idea is 100%, completely ridiculous. Why can’t we just have standardised sizings?

4. Because heck, sometimes even the SAME stores have different sizings

How are we supposed to know our bra size when we fluctuate between a 34C and 32 DD in the excact same store?! We just have to grab a handful at random, try them on, and hope for the best.

5. Wanting to cry every time you look at the price tag

Who knew a piece of fabric with wire shoved in could set us back so much? We need a loan from the government just to afford all this crap.

6. No matter how good quality they are, they get worn and tired immediately

You swear you’ve only worn it once but already your new bra is already looking like it’s seen better days. Dammit.

7. And it’s an emotional rollercoaster when you finally have to part with your fave

*Sobs* we’ve been through so much together! You were always there to support us when we needed you most!

8. Having to decide how much you care whether someone can see your bra through your shirt

Hello, yes, we are ladies with breasts and we do indeed wear bras. This is not an important revelation. We don’t care if it’s neon pink and you an see it through our white top, we really don’t.

9. Trying not to strangle someone every time they point out they can see your bra strap


10. Regretting it every time you decide to wear a strapless bra

That strapless dress is cute, you know what would look good with it? A strapless bra. That you’ll have to keep readjusting all night. And will eventually end up around your waist, doing anything but holding up your boobs in your pretty dress. DAMN.

11. Comfort vs aesthetics

Sure, this new lacy red bra with confusing crossover back straps LOOKS great, but we’ll probably lose an arm trying to get in and out of it. Maybe we’re safer sticking with the grey cotton bra that we’ve had for as long as we can remember…

12. Not getting a choice of nice bras if you’re bigger than a DD

Seriously, BEIGE?!

13. And also being jealous as hell of those who can fit into the pretty, tiny bralettes

What is this?!

14. The sports bra that is anything BUT supportive

We might as well be wearing a vest half the time, and when we finally do find a sports bra that’ll give us a bit of supportive, it’s also intent on suffocating us during our workouts. It’s a no win situation.

15. The red imprints it leaves on your skin

OUCH, this bra-wearing business is serious stuff.

16. And the countless bids for freedom your underwire will make

This crap hurts on both an emotional and physical level.

17. Having your mum comment on your sex life every time she washes your lacy underthings

Mum, we just like pretty bras, okay. This doesn’t mean anything!

18. Feeling like a true #girlboss when you learn to take off your bra without taking off your shirt

Hell yes, we’re fully qualified women now, thank you very much.

19. In fact, the fave part of your day is getting to come home and take it off

Ahh, sweet relief!

20. Bra fittings… need we say more?

21. This feeling

Straight from the pits of Satan.

22. Monthly growing and shrinkage is a thing

As if it isn’t hard enough to find bras that fit to begin with, our boobs just have to go and make it that one step harder by growing and shrinking at different points throughout the month.

23. …Which usually leads to the dreaded quad-boob

We love our tattas but we did NOT sign up for four of them, thank you very much. We wish our boobs would just stay put.

24. And don’t even get us started on having one boob a different size to the other so no bra ever fits right

Having different sized boobs is perfectly normal but it’s also one HUGEEE inconvenience. Seriously – all the odds are against us. We’re never going to find a bra that fits.

25. Finding yesterday’s lunch in there

The struggles of having to incognito scavenge in your cleavage for dropped food is real.

26. Having bras be such a norm that going AU NATURAEL is shamed and frowned upon… urm WHAT?!

Ladies, if you want to, you should absolutely #FreeTheNipple. If men can have theirs out why the hell can’t we?! Don’t be worried about a little poke-through, it’s totally normal and a-okay in our books.

27. But best of all, the sweet feeling of relief when you get home and can finally whip off your bra

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