26 signs you’re stuck inside a YA Paranormal Romance!

Vampires, and werewolves, and hauntings, oh my! There is something alluring and comforting about a good ol’ paranormal romp. Especially when PNR has provided so many reliable book boyfriends…


…but, you never know, you might actually be stuck inside a paranormal romance novel yourself! So just so you can be prepped we’ve made a list of signs. Stakes and holy water at the ready!

*these are just for fun. They’re meant to be silly, sarcastic and stupid. It doesn’t change how much we actually love PNR.

1. You’ve just moved into a new house. And it’s probably definitely haunted.

2. Boys, all of them who matter, will tease you with a small ribbon of skin above their waistband, usually when casually stretching while casually insulting you.

3. Boys, all of them who matter, will be lean. And mean. #abs


4. Boys, all of them who matter, have names like Noah, Damon, Logan, Jonah, Travis, Rush, River, Van… You know. Something cool. To match the abs.

5. If you’re not a little bit paranormal, then it’s pretty much a given the boys are.

6. Lots of wandering around in spooky and bleak landscape. Like the woods, for example.

7. Fog. Rain. Weather. Abs.


8. You’ve fallen in love with Noah.

9. Noah has been kidnapped by an evil fae/witch/vampire.

10. Noah’s brother, Rush, helps you find him.

11. Rush has the most piercing, coldest stare ever.

12. You’ve fallen in love with Rush, too.


13. You’re missing at least one parent. Soz.

14. If you’ve got an affinity for painting, photography, writing, reading, the arts… then you’re probably a PNR protag.


15. Adults are either not there, or completely useless.

16. You’re a halfling. Lucky bean.

17. The thought of living without Noah, or Rush.. or Noah.. makes you feel like your soul is trying to vacate your butt hole.

18. Leather jackets.


19. Poetry.

20. You feel like you’re being watched. *shiver*

21. Ouija boards.

22. Who knows how old Noah and Rush actually are? But they’re only a year above you at school. Because if we lived forever we’d TOTALLY attend school, again. And again.


23. You’re bedroom window is open… But it was definitely closed when you went to sleep.

24. Eyeliner.

25. Doppelgangers.

26. Cryptic prologues. Cryptic fortunes. Cryptic cryptics.


Which do agree with? What else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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