24 times Tumblr called bullshit on Studio Ghibli


Warning, this post will contain hairy testicles. Just so you know.

With that out of the way, let’s just take a second to appreciate the beautiful, heart warming, fuzzy creations of Studio Ghibli and its renowned director, Hayao Miyazaki.

Now turn your face to Tumblr where some people just aren’t getting it. Tbf, there is something really odd about Ghibli movies. Really odd. You could almost say that they’re totally bonkers? 

1. Start off strong, eh? This was on Tumblr, with no words. And really, are any words needed? Teh fek?

This is basically a metaphor for the experience of watching any Ghibli film.

2. This keen observation:

3. And there’s cats. Which, sure, cool. But…

4. …This is a serious problem.

5. And true Ghibli fans will get this.

6. Plus this applies to literally every Ghibli movie:

7. There is some serious beef with Howl though…

8. Whereas others just have some important questions about it:

9. When howl is really just a mess of a man.

10. There is this advice, take it or leave it:

11. Some of us are just wondering about Miyazaki though:

STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FEELS! Retire, don’t retire, retire…

12. And then there’s the balls.

Giant, stretchy, murderous balls.

13. Balls. Balls for days.

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14. But so many questions unanswered. #PlotHole?

15. Some characters receive serious shade, but it just because we see ourselves in them. Reluctantly.

16. Sometimes you can actually be too chill:

17. Truth.

18. Watching ‘Ponyo’ and making this observation:

19. And then this:

20. The artistry. The originality.

21. Don’t we all?


22. They’re right about ‘Pom Poko’, so they’re probs right about the rest:

23. It’s not just you.

And your brain feels like it’s been probed. You prolly need to wash it off or something or…

24. Because, you know, balls.


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