23 questions all Harry Potter fans have asked at some point

Let’s just be honest: Harry Potter is lyfe. It’s the best damn book series ever made and nothing will ever trump it. Thank you.


But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have questions. And heck, some of those questions are still unanswered! So here’s a list of Qs that we guarantee every Potterhead has asked at some point while reading the series. And if you haven’t asked them? You will. 

1. Where did Harry’s parents get all that money from? That wasn’t just a small inheritance… it was the motherlode!


2. Where do wizards go to school BEFORE Hogwarts? Like.. is there a wizarding primary school, or what?


3. If Hagrid was expelled for allegedly opening the Chamber of Secrets… why was he never reinstated once it was debunked? Why?!


4. How can the majority of the wizarding world know literally nothing about muggles?


5. Where do all the wizards and witches actually live? The moon?


6. Why didn’t the US wizarding world get involved when the shit hit the fan with Voldemort?


7. Why didn’t the trio use the time turner for something really meaningful? We all love Buckbeak.. but why didn’t they SAVE THE WORLD as well?


8. Why isn’t P.E. on the syllabus at Hogwarts? (And this legit comes from a dark desire to see Draco in little running shorts)


9. Are there actually enough professors at Hogwarts to teach all of the students on a full time schedule? (think about it)


10. Sirius was Harry’s godfather, but do they actually practice Christianity or other religions in the wizarding world?


11. Was the taboo curse ever lifted off Voldemort’s name?


12. Why wasn’t the taboo curse used more often to locate people?


13. Is there a wizarding university?


14. What kind of “magic” is in that cure-all chocolate, and can we have some?


15. Why is Harry the only kid who has glasses? #hipster


16. Who washes the clothes at Hogwarts? (It can’t be a house elf…)


17. Can you accidentally end up in ANY fireplace using the Floo network? Just casually slide into Neville’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon...


18. How come no one seems to put on any serious amounts of weight while at Hogwarts? Every day is treat day with feasts like that for tea.


19. Is Hermione technically a year older after using the time turner for all her classes?


20. How did Hagrid actually happen? #NSFW


21. Why are Potions supplies on the Hogwarts shopping list? It can’t last them the whole year, plus what’s the store cupboard for then?


22. Are there actually enough jobs for school leavers? Or do some have to work in the muggle world to make a living?


23. Where’s our Hogwarts letter? 


And there you have it. This list is by no means exhaustive! Do you have Harry Potter questions? Tell us in the comments below!

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