We put 22 of your fave book covers through Google deep dream and now we’re very afraid!

If you haven’t played around with Google deep dream then you’re missing one hell of a trip. It was created to help scientists to see what a neural network was actually seeing when looking at an image. And the results are crazy weird…

giphy (5)

…did we ever really want to know what a machine is “dreaming” about? Probably not. But now we have the tool, might as well use it. Even if it does something TERRIFYING to our fave book covers…

  1. Obligatory Harry Potter one. But seriously… this book has just got a whole lot more 80s Sci-Fi. The Hogwarts Express has melted. And is floating?


2. It’s the eyes, man. The eyes. Eyes EVERYWHERE! WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT GOOGLE?


3. Oh dear. A little less “fangirl” a little more “freaky”.


4. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you; Kestrel the melted zombie:


5. Can you see the fish too? We’re not just hallucinating that, right? There’s fish. Actual fish.


6. Oh sweet baby Jesus. What is this? WHAT IS THIS?!


7. The eyes, again! The machine is watching us…


8. If you thought Lada from ‘And I Darken’ was a bit of a adass before… Now she’s a BEAST:


9. There’s a gorilla on their head. Harambe? Is that you?


10. There is DEFINITELY a dog on her shoulder. Without a doubt.


11. Are we really sure that computers are the future? Should they really be in our houses if they’re thinking like this when they see a human face?


12. What is even happening here? And that dog in the bottom corner looks like he might shiv you. Just sayin.


13. The dogs are jumping covers now…


14. The Selection has not been kind to her… But who needs arms, eh?


15. Well, OK. Compared to some this one got off lightly!


16. Dogs. Again. Will someone get Google a puppy and be done with it?


17. Poor Sydney. She’s been given some serious acne…


18. What does the fox say?


19. Oh. Oh dear. If this wasn’t weird enough to begin with:


20. Nobody should be putting this crown on their heads:


21. Ooh. Ooooh. Oh no. Just no.


22. This one isn’t actually too bad… Who are we kidding? It’s creepy. And weird. And should never ever have happened:


If you need a remedy to this ugliness, we did the EXACT OPPOSITE to this last week. Click here to cleanse yourself from this ugliness.

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