21 struggles everyone with long hair understands

Long hair, don’t care. Well, apart from these daily struggles we have to live our lives with. *SIGH*tangled

1. Your hair gets stuck in everything

2. You’ve tried to get out the car only to be jerked back by this

3. These chairs are the enemy

4. Your hair is already tangled 5 seconds after you brush it

This is what I have to deal with every day #hair #longhairprobs #hurtslikeabitch

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5. Lip gloss on windy days is a no-go

6. Drying your hair takes at least 1726 hours

#SituationRightNow lol😄 #LongHairProblems #WashAndBlow

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7. Laying down in bed and nearly ripping half the hairs out of your head when you move

8. Resting sunglasses on the top of your head always results in this

9. Hair ties are elusive creatures

10. The pain when this happens (it’s always your favourite)

11. You malt more than your cat

Basically, the scariest thing you'll ever see scurrying around your floor as you walk by…. #dontworryguys #NOTagiantspider #longhairprobs

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12. You’re used to the added flavour of hair in your food

13. Constantly freaking out thinking there’s a spider on you but really it’s just your hair

14. Cleaning out your shower drain and basically finding a small mammal

15. Accidentally whipping everyone around you with your hair

16. You’ve closed your hair in the car door on more than one occasion

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17. …And kept quiet about it because you’d already drove off before you realised

lol seriously….every time. #longhairprobs #windy #carvssarah #carwins #lol #smh #selfie #crazyhair

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18. There’s always one strand of hair that gets left out the braid

19. You have to decide between suffocating in heat or suffering from a major ponytail headache

20. You find your own hair in the weirdest of places

21. Taking a good outdoors selfie takes serious preparation

22. And finally… always saying you’re going to chop your hair off but never doing it cause you know you look fab reallybeyonce



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