21 inkredible fandom tattoos which will have you desperate to hop into the chair

We want them all

In Leora’s world, your life is written on your skin. The good, the bad, the ordinary, the life-changing – it’s all inked on your skin for all to see. And then in Alice Broadway’s ‘Ink’, when you die, your tattoos are examined and it is judged whether your life was worthy of being remembered in a skin book that’s given to your family to treasure forever.

When her dad dies and Leora and her mum receive his skin book, they discover that his book has been edited and Leora begins to wonder if she ever really knew him at all.

Tattoos in the real world can work a little like they do in Leora’s world too. We cover our bodies with the things we love, the things that make us happy or mean something to us. And for us fangirls? FANDOM. We want our loves on our bodies forever.

These are seriously some of the coolest fandom tattoos ever.

1. WANT 😍

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2. Loving the bookish dedication.

3. We didn’t even know this was a thing?! AMAZING.

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4. ‘Donnie Darko’ is totally tattoo-worthy

5. So beautiful. There’s just something about Elvish, right?

6. Okay, totally in love with these scratchy DC tattoos. 

7. Simple, classic, perfect. 


9. We are so loving these fandom combos!

10. Now this is some serious Disney dedication. 

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11. So many emotions 😥

12. We’re not sure we’d want the Human Torch on our arm, but we can’t deny how amazing this tattoo is. 

13. Cute!

14. OMG. So beautiful!

15. The details, man.

16. WOAH. 

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17. We’re totally obsessed with Gallifreyan from ‘Doctor Who’.

18. Gamers, this one is for you – a gorgeous, watercolour Zelda tattoo.

19. This is basically everything we love in one tattoo ❤️️

20. The Tale of the Three Brothers is just 🙌

21. This actually made our heart hurt *cries*

Not gonna lie, we totally want to fling ourselves into the chair and get ALL of the tattoos. We’re thinking we’ll totally go for a Harry Potter one. But which one? A quote? The Deathly Hallows symbol? A giant thigh piece of Hermione’s face? Who knows. We might get them all…

Wait, wait. This is the one. The One.

Do you have any fandom tattoos? We’d LOVE to see them!

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