#2006vs2016. These fetus pics of your faves will make you die a little inside at your oldness

#2006vs2016 was trending yesterday and we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane to see how much our favourite stars have changed in the past decade. Clue: it’s quite a lot and we feel very old.

1. Ariana GrandeWhat do you think of the red hair? We can’t imagine her having it now!

2. Selena GomezIsn’t she just adorable? Oh wait, she definitely still is.

3. Demi LovatoJust look at that little gap! You’d never have guessed she’d turn into one of the biggest pop stars of 2016.

4. ZendayaHow freaking cute is baby Z on the right?!

5. Miley CyrusLook at that sweet smile! If only she knew she’d turn into the most controversial pop stars ever

6. Nick JonasFew things say ‘2006’ quite like that pose.

7. Justin BieberLook how small his little face is! Waaaay too cute.

8. Taylor SwiftSometimes it’s hard to believe the country queen ever looked like this.

9. Lindsay LohanSpeaking of massive changes, we can’t quite believe this one either…

10. Vanessa Hudgens. Just. Look. At. That. Suit.

11. Hilary Duff. FYI, Hilary’s a mother now. Just let that sink in.

12. Amanda Bynes. Come back to us, girl.

13. Shia LeBeouf. Look how fresh faced he is!

14. Zoella. We’re pretty sure this was our general aesthetic in 2006 too.

Feel old yet? We certainly do!

Who’s changed the most? Let us know what you think of these transformations in the comments below!

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