Making The Star: “Hard work got us over 240,000 followers” say @1Dupdategirls

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.03.50We’re back with our next instalment of Making The Star! This time, we’re chatting to Odette, one half of the team behind all-female One Direction fan account, @1Dupdategirls.

Name: Odette and Katy
Account: @1Dupdategirls
Created: Early 2012
Followers:  243,000

Why did you set up this account?
It was Katy that set this up – I (Odette) had my own Twitter account but I began posting from @1Dupdategirls to help her out. We want the boys to know we support them in every way and show our dedication by posting all kinds of news and updates.

What type of updates do you post?
We share pictures of fans meeting the boys and any sightings of the boys, as well as future concert dates. We also have insiders telling us what’s going on during concerts so we can share updates from events. We don’t post private information on the boys, though.

How do all the owners share work / work together?
We’ll set up a group chat over our phones.

Where do you get content from and how do you get it first?
We have sources or do research ourselves, through Twitter and Google.

You have lots of followers – how did you promote the account?
We honestly just worked really hard and kept Tweeting/updating.

Do you know any tips for promoting a fan account?
Just work really hard! If you can get other accounts to give you shout-outs that’s really helpful too.

Do any of the boys follow you?
No they don’t, unfortunately!

Has the account given you any cool or unique opportunities?
Yeah! For example, if we do a giveaway with a clothing account we may get a free item or a discount code, things like that.

Any other funny stories about the account?
I can think of a specific story, but we all get along really well so it’s always fun to work on the account!


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