Things we learnt from One Direction’s #1DFOURHANGOUT – least favourite songs, fan fiction, Taylor Swift and MORE!

If you weren’t here a few hours ago then you totally missed the best 30 minutes of your Sunday when One Direction held their Google+ hangout to promote ‘FOUR’. Worry not, though, as we are recapping all the important bits for you! How kind are we?

Niall Still watches the The X Factor video diaries

“I watched them the other day.” We aren’t shocked considering he claims to be the biggest Directioner there is.

video diary

Louis cringes over his old style

“It was very loud,” he said. And would even tell his past self to look twice in the mirror before deciding on an outfit. Well, we loved the red jeans,  stripes and suspenders!

Narry are still single and Elounor are very much still together 


Ben Winston asked Liam, Louis and Zayn how their girlfriends handle hate and Narry knuckle touched in honour of their single life. Whereas Louis said “we have very good girls” in regards to Eleanor, Sophia and Perrie putting up with hate. Sorry Larry shippers – doesn’t look like there will be any coming out anytime soon.

They find music leaks flattering but anti-climatic

harry sad

Talking about the recent leakage (*sniggers*) of ‘FOUR’, Louis said he finds it annoying as they plan and structure the build up to the release so it disrupts their plans. However, Harry said “we’re very lucky that our fans hear it [the leaked songs] but still buy it anyway.” Ah, the power of Directioners, eh?

Louis finds fan-fictions “utterly bizzare”

louis confused

“Some are like a nice little story but some of them go very deep and very very weird.” Can’t say we disagree there. El Payno then chimed in saying “it’s a whole different world- you get the idea that the fans put themselves in a situation with us and I get that, but some of it just blows your mind completely.” We wonder if they’ve read Dark or After…

They think the Channel 4 documentary didn’t reflect the fanbase at all

Liam Tweet

Ben briefly brought the topic up and they all said “it didn’t reflect the fanbase at all.” The world and his wife agrees.

Niall chose the name ‘FOUR’


But he can’t remember why other than the fact that it stood out from the other names to choose from. Well, it’s – as fetus 1D would say- simple, but effective. Louis even thought it sounded cool and we couldn’t agree more.

We could actually be big fans of USP right now, if it was up to Liam’s dad.

1d usp

Back all those many four years ago when our favourite boyband had just been born, Liam’s dad thought it would have been a good idea to call them “USP” which stands for Unique Selling Point. “My dad has got a very creative mind but it wasn’t his finest moment and he’s never going to live it down.” Would we be called USPers?

Liam has a tattoo of a lyric from an unused song

liam tattoo

Payno revealed that he got a tattoo of a lyric from a song that didn’t make the cut to the album which says”somewhere is a place that nobody knows.” Very deep. We need to know what it was about now!

Illusion (deluxe track) is about Sophiam- it was written by Julian Bunetta


Having talked to Julian about problems he was going through, Liam told him about things that happened between him and Sophia. Next thing he knew, Julian had only bloody penned a new track about them! Good thing is that the couple listened to the song and both really liked it. We can’t wait to hear it!

Harry thinks Taylor Swift’s songs about him are very good.

taylor gif

Harry told us how they write their songs based on personal experience. “It would be hypocritical of us to say ‘oh you can’t write songs’ and she’s really good.”  No hard feelings between Haylor, then?

There are some songs they aren’t fussed on anymore.


Liam isn’t too fond of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, even though he still loves performing it “that’s where the crowd vibe bring it to me and I get it then, whereas if I was to hear it on the radio, I would probably turn it off.” Narry replied saying they would turn it up. So would we! Not even sorry.  Niall isn’t too fond of ‘Stand Up’ and Louis has gone off ‘Up All Night’. We still love them all and listen to each album religiously.

Zayn creeps on Twitter

zayn wink

Although our Bradford beauty doesn’t tweet too often, he fully admitted to creeping quite a lot on our favourite social media site. So any smutty tweets you send, be aware- El Maliko can see them! *Tweets cute selfies*

Everyday starting from tomorrow you will get free track before the album is released.

1d cheer

“It’s a controlled leak,” Liam joked. We say it’s like Christmas has come early!

If you missed the livestream or fancy watching it again, then here it is:


Can’t wait for FOUR? Looking forward to hearing the songs live? Fangirl in the comments below or tweet us @MaximumPop to gush over our gorgeous guys!

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