It may be #5YearsDownAndForeverToCome for 1D, but what about their alter egos? We find out where they are now.

Today is a very special day in history. 23rd July 2010 was the birth of the biggest boyband on the planet. It’s the day One Direction were brought together. We’ve had some amazing memories, giggles and tears, but we can’t help but ask about some familiar faces? Where are they now? We’ve contacted the following people to see what they are up to having being old flames of 1D.

Jaun Direction

Having to deal with the traumatic news of their grandmother and father sleeping together, the brothers decided to get into the music industry and become a Mexican tribute band to One Direction and released their début single, ‘Juan Thing’. However, their career just didn’t have a calling for, considering none of the brothers can actually sing and when One Direction hit Mexico on their Take Me Home Tour, nobody cared about having the phoney when the real deal was in town. Carlito, Pepito, Martito now work as plumbers in the family business where as Miguelito is a bartender in a local hotspot. Dick is currently trying to stay in the entertainment industry getting gigs as a Keith Lemon impersonator. He can’t hack the accent yet, but he’s getting there.

Dan Charles

AKA 1D’s biggest fan. He’s still 1D AF. However, having missed the birth of his child, Niall, he ended up getting a divorce and now works a standard 9 to 5 office job doing taxes or something. The majority of his earnings go towards 1D concert tickets, merch and anything else relating to the boys. He managed to “bump” into Harry in LA recently and tried to get a photo. It didn’t go down too well and security escorted him off the premises. Yikes.

Harvey and Johnny


Following the success of the 1D movie, the business duo had to shut down their studios as the damage caused by those pesky One Direction lads cost more than the income from ‘This is Us’. Not to worry, though, as Harvey is now working in the dance industry doing tap dancing (following his old dream) and Johnny has been assisting Brad Pitt on movies (thankfully, he has yet to hear about the incident with Angelina.) You can still see these two in Hollywood from time to time and love a selfie.

Leeroy the Choreographer 


The studios going bust was the best thing to ever Leeroy! He was scouted by Louie Spence and has now moved back to London to choreograph some amazing music videos, including Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’.  You go, Leeroy!

Marcel the Marketing Guy


Marcel still has trouble sleeping at night after the 1D boys trashed all his hard work and has low self confidence, but is rapidly regaining it when asked to model for some technology magazine as well as being on the editorial team. He is also due to be wed with ex co-worker, Veronica…

Veronica the sexy secretary 


After comforting Marcel from the trauma of One Direction, the pair really hit it off and now live together in San Diego, where Veronica was scouted as a model for Victoria’s Secret. She even landed her fiancée a deal in modelling for a technology magazine and are due to be wed this August.  We send our congratulations.

Good to reminisce on the past, isn’t it? As for One Direction, we’re sure we’ll be seeing them for a long time to come. Maybe they could invite their old friends to a reunion concert sometime when they tour America.

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Happy 5 years, One Direction!

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