1D and The Wanted feud back on. POP BITS.

There’s no love lost between our two favourite boybands – well two favourite international boybands – but we really thought they’d put all this feud nonsense to bed ages ago. Nope. Turns out that the lads from One Direction and The Wanted are still doing their verbal sparring. Oh, boys.

Hunky Jay has admitted that he thought that bandmate Max could easily beat ‘Kiss You’ singer and 1D heartthrob Zayn in a fight, sparking further bad blood between the boys. Jay then later claimed he was trying to “keep a dignified silence”. Jay, telling your rival that a member of your band could beat him up is far from being dignified OR silent. Aaah well, at least you’re hot.

Just when you thought these boys had gone and settled their differences, they’ve gone and reignited this whole silly feud. *sighs* We hope they do sort this mess out once and for all but somehow we can’t help but feel that a duet between the two lad-bands is a long, long way away. POP BITS OUT.

Listen to ‘Kiss You’ below:

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