The best One Direction Tumblr posts EVER. You could say they’re 1D AF.

Tumblr is such a weird and wonderful place and just that one site on the internet where you can fangirl to your heart’s content and nobody will judge you because they’re all in the same boat.

After spending a good 80% of our life on the site, we’ve decided to share with you some of our favourite 1D Tumblr posts with you. It would be rude not to, really.

Tumblr 1D 22

Every award show they have attended ever.

Tumblr 1D 21

This happened the other day and we don’t even care.

Tumblr 1D 20

Our hearts were pounding, our palms were sweaty and our mouths were dry. You might say that we literally could not even.

Tumblr 1D 19

This was not a simple decision you could just make, you know. It just happened. We’re glad it did, though, obvs.

Tumblr 1D 18

How can you not make a joke like that?

Tumblr 1D 17

Harry is basically a dad in training and he’s perfecting his awful jokes. We don’t even doubt that this happened.

Tumblr 1D 16

We thought this was going to lead to us having a proper rant but having re-read it, we get it and it’s pretty funny.

Tumblr 1D 15

Why didn’t we get this in our stockings?!

Tumblr 1D 14

Can we have this brother for our own?

Tumblr 1D 13


Tumblr 1D 12

We need to have an ambulance on standby for when we meet him. Which will happen. You mark our words.

Tumblr 1D 11ACK! Take us back. Please.

Tumblr 1D 10

Waiting for OTRA Tour be like.

Tumblr 1D 9Historic moments in the fandom.

Tumblr 1D 8You’d think after four years, people would have learnt to not even try and underestimate someone who is 1D AF. Like seriously.

Tumblr 1D 7

Don’t. Touch. Us.

Tumblr 1D 6

Trolled them big time, there. We would not have been impressed.tumblr 1D 5We should be able to get in their cars and walk into their houses and when they ask us what we’re doing, we can just be like “we partly own this, we paid for it” and it would be technically true.

Tumblr 1D 2

Niall is living proof that you can achieve your dreams. Never give up, kids.

Tumblr 1D 3

The feels.

Tumblr 1D 1We would pay for this and we are honestly not kidding.

Oh Tumblr, we love you.

What’s your favourite 1D Tumblr post? Tweet us @maximumpop and follow us on Tumblr, too. Ta.

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