Making The Star: “Being one of the first 1D fan accounts got me nearly 300,000 followers!” – @1DTourUpdate

From bossy managers, incredible video directors and powerful record labels to influential fans, Making The Star is Maximum Pop!’s brand new series of articles introducing you to the people off-stage and out of the limelight that help make your favourite band and artists a massive success. Today, @1DTourUpdate, a One Direction fan account with nearly 300,000 followers.

Account: @1DTourUpdate
Followers: 290K
Account owner: Catherine – 19, from UK

Why did you set up this account?
Back in 2011 there was just a few update accounts and they were really helpful and made a lot of fans happy and I wanted to be able to do the same. I decided to make this account and share some info with the fans. I was a little bit nervous about it at first, because I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not, but one of my friends told me I could do it and since I had good sources, I could be helpful!

What type of updates do you post?
I usually update about One Direction tours and events/award shows the boys might go and also try promote them, of course! One thing I said to myself is that I wouldn’t post rumours, gossip and most of all, tweets about their personal life, although all that information spreads really fast even if you don’t want it to.

Where do you get content from and how do you get it first?
Since being an update account, you start to have connections everywhere if you look in the right places. It’s important to know who you can trust, that’s the hardest. I’ve good contacts and I guarantee you that everything I tweet exclusively is always confirmed. When it comes to tweets I see on my timeline (I always quote or RT) or any other info that comes from any other source I don’t know, I try to confirm it before I post it. My followers follow me and trust me and I don’t want let them down. I put a lot of work into this account, sometimes that gets unnoticed, but I’m always doing my best.

You have lots of followers – how did you promote the account?
It’s really hard when you are starting but I guess I started in a good time, when there were only like 5 update accounts and they were a huge help to get me followers! After that your followers start promoting you if they like your job in the account – that happened to me and I think I’ve all these followers thanks to my followers! I appreciate every single one of them and sometimes I can’t believe I have this many by just being one person running this account 24/7.

Do you have official links to any of the boys or management?

Do any of the boys follow you?
Yes, Liam!

Any other funny stories about the account?
There’s a lot of funny stories! Can’t think of a specific one, but most of them are tweets I get sent from my followers, sometimes thinking I’m One Direction ahahaha.

Has the account given you any cool or unique opportunities?
Yes :). I’ve been on radio and made some interviews about One Direction and that’s pretty cool !

Do you know any tips for creating a fan account?
Always be yourself. Work hard and be the best version of you! People will definitely like you, good luck!

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