1D wiggle wiggle wiggle like they just don’t care (but we care… a lot)

Wiggling… is an art some might say. It requires true dedication and hard work. There has to be the perfect amount of shimmying, shaking and jiggling for it to be truly perfect.

A lot of people assume One Direction is the average boyband but they’re wrong… they’re also wigglers.

Let’s rate them on their wiggling.

It’s safe to say that Niall is the best of them all but Liam does give him a good run for his money.

And Harry is cute about at least. The enthusiasm is there if the talent isn’t.

Louis… we expected him to be the master of wiggling but alas, we were wrong. Perhaps he was having an off day and hadn’t practiced wiggling the night before. We’ve all had those days, Still, it’s a commendable effort. We’ll take it.

Good wiggling, boys. Good wiggling.

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Written by Tashie

I just have a knack for boybands and writing. That's about it.

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