1D have revealed the artwork for their next single, but just how ‘perfect’ is it?

One Direction have finally revealed the second single from ‘Made in the A.M’ and Nialler has just given us the artwork for it, which is ah-mazing.

There ya go .. Here’s the artwork for ‘perfect’ .. Can’t wait for ya to hear our new tune

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But just how perfect is it? Let’s analyse.

Louis is centre stage – Originally the one with one of the least vocals at the beginning of the 1D era, Tommo is now slap bang up front and goodness doesn’t he look hot? Plus his outfit is just so casual yet cool. He looks like some hot uni student at a bar that we’d love to get chatting to.

Perfect points: 2 = 1 for Louis being in the front, 1 for style

Niall’s smoldering stare – just gazing into his eyes is making us convulse. we could look into them for hours and not just in a staring contest. Sigh.

Perfect points: 2 = one for each eye, init?

Liam’s looking away – uh, excuse us , Liam, we’re over here. Look at us. We pay enough of your wage for you to look into that bloody lense and let us admire you, so do it, please.

Perfect points:  -1 = because clearly something else is more interesting to Liam than paying us attention

Larry are next to each other – YAS. This is what we’re talking about. Our otp next to each other. Plus, they wrote the song. Open your eyes, people. #Larry2015

Perfect points: 4 = four for you, Larry Stylinson. You go, Larry Stylinson!

Harry is covered up – wtf happened to Harry’s button(less) shirt era?! Where his chest was bursting out ready for us to try and lick? Covering it up is a sight for sore eyes. Boo.

Perfect points: -2 = we’ve seen it before, Harold, why cover up now?

Hair game is strong – We’ve got quiffs, we’ve got ruffles and we have luscious locks. We would happily play with it lustfully and totally destroy their ‘dos, though, tbh.

Perfect points: 3 = one for each hairstyle

And the grand total of perfect points is… 8! Not bad, not bad. Little more skin, little less staring at something else and we’d have 10/10 right there.


We need the single now, please. Maybe we’ll add on an extra two points for a quick release?

One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ will be released Friday 16th October.

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