MP! Interviews: We speak to the girls behind the ‘No Control’ fan made music video.

We recently showed you the amazing fan made music video for No Control as part of the No Control Project. We caught up with the girls behind the video from @NoControlProjec AKA  Nicole, Sophia, Mikah, Brianna, Alannah, Emily and Barbara to talk about the hard work they have put into an incredible project!

Hey girls!  You have created the “Official” No Control music video for the No Control Project. What made you decide to make it? 

Emily: There was a lot of talk about making a video but mostly everyone backed out in fear of copyright. There was no way that was  going to stop me or any of us. Mika, the girl who started this all asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. As a Louis girl, ‘No Control’ means a lot to me.
Sophia : Right before the tour started, a couple of fans had already asked for the song to be part of the setlist since the song would sound really great live cause of its vibe. Sadly, it wasn’t part of the setlist. The fandom has been through a lot this year and we just want to give back to the boys by showing them our dedication. That we are here to stay. Also, with the feud with some artist, we found it as an opportunity to show our support for the boys and to show everyone that they are more than just a pretty face. Also, we did this to show how good Louis’ voice is. There are some people who say he can’t sing or he’s the weakest of the band, we wanted to show everyone that he is as good as everyone. That he can slay a song as much as he slays the people who gives hate on our fandom.

How did you recruit fans into helping you make the video?

Alannah: Back in May, on No Control Day (May 17th), we released a set of rules asking people to send in submissions and telling them about our project. At first there was a lot of people reacting and telling their friends about it, and we almost got 2k retweets on that post, but it died down after the whole ‘No Control’ thing died down. Throughout the month of May we kept promoting the video in the ways we could, asking big accounts to tweet about it, bribing people with solo DMs and follow backs, but it honestly wasn’t that big until now. Just yesterday we had 6000 followers and now we have over 14K.
Sophia : We also talked to different people about it. The ones who have been showing interest of making this project happen.It all started witht the No Control Day. We spent sleepless nights talking to radio stations all over the world, talking to influencial people or any platform that can get us recogniton. It was really stressful but we were all dedicated. I also asked the biggest local radio station, Magic 89.9, in Manila to put the song on deck so people can request for it. I work in that radio station and did everything I could to convince the bosses put it on deck since it was not on it. Glad to say that til now, No Control is still number one on the over all playlist of the station.The Philippines has a really huge fanbase and us Filos can practically trend everything. With the help of the update account I belong to (@1dfansclubph) We were able to tell everyone about it and everyone made it their mission to keep the song on number one.

How long did it take you to make the music video?

Brianna: We started collecting videos on May 17th and stopped collecting them on June 2nd. The editing process took about a week with hours and hours of editing a day.
Alannah: As the editor, I can say that editing the video was a lot of work. It took me over 5 hours just to go through all the video submissions we received, and yes, I watched every single video that was sent in and went through the process of saving them to my computer as well. Overall, editing took about a week. On the day of the release (June 12th), I sat in my room editing all day is well, so it took quite a long time.

The video has had over 60,000 views in less than a day! How does that make you feel? 

Nicole: The support we’ve gotten is overwhelmingly incredible! I don’t think any of us ever expected such a large reaction from the rest of our fanbase at all. It just really goes to show how amazing our fandom is and how we can come together to do things for our boys. I’m extremely proud of us.
Mikah: I didn’t expect that a lot of people will be supporting us because the account just started with twenty thousand plus followers. I was so happy that the video already reached 60,000 views in less than a day, it’s very overwhelming to be part of this project right from the start.
Emily: Its overwhelming. I knew a lot of people were excited but SIXTY THOUSAND, holy cow!! There is no way any of us would have guessed that…

How did you get help with sharing the video around? 

Brianna: The fans honestly did all the sharing by themselves. The second the video released, Directioners from around the world started tweeting the link, posting on Facebook and posting on Instagram. It really was amazing and all the credit goes to them.
Mikah: We asked for people to tweet others about it so many people will know and it happened through the hashtag #NoControlMusicVideo which trended on twitter and big accounts also helped us. Many people also shared the video on other social networking sites and even people who aren’t Directioners shared the video.

The boys are really pleased with the No Control project. Why do you think it’s important for fans to work together to do something like this? 
Nicole: It’s very important for fanbases to collaborate and make something like this happen as it really brings fans from all across the globe together. We get to interact with each other, doing something we like and it’s really great and rewarding. Most importantly, we’re doing this for our idols. After all they do for us – they make us happy and even save some people’s lives – we should really thank them.
Alannah:  After Zayn left the band, some people in our fandom kind of fell off the boat. There were a lot of twitter fights happening, and even a twitter fight between Louis, Zayn, and Naughty Boy. It really wears down the fans when we are watching two people who we love, that have been best friends for years slowly break apart. This whole No Control Project was really important to us, and to me at least, to show the boys that we are still there for them as a whole, and we will continue to support them. It’s just incredible that our fandom was able to come together and show our support for the boys, and that it was big enough that they noticed. It makes us happy when they are happy.

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You guys are working on a petition- can you tell us about that? 

Nicole: We’re garnering support from the fanbase yet again and hopefully we can get our music video to be featured on the big screens before One Direction shows start.
Brianna: The petition we are working on is for the No Control Music video we made to be played at every Otra show. When all the videos are played of the boys and the intro is played it would be incredible to see our fandoms video up there. We need fans around the world to sign the petition so we can make it possible. We think it would be amazing to have every fan see what a fandom can do when we come together. I hope everyone can contribute by signing the petition here and credit goes to @ollys_direction.
Mikah: The petition is about the Fan-made No Control Music Video because we are trying to get it played in every OTRA shows.

What do you plan to do next now the music video has been released? 

Mikah: We are currently working for a petition so that the Fan-made No Control Music Video will be played in every OTRA show. We also pray and hope the boys will notice the video because we made it for them, we love them so much!
Alannah:  Honestly, this whole process was very stressful, and there was a lot of drama because obviously not everyone is going to get along or agree with what others are doing. I don’t want to jump into the next thing too quick, but there has been some talk about a project starting in August that will be completed in December. But once again, everything is in the air right now, and nothing is certain. We will probably just continue to promote the video as much as possible.
Sophia: We don’t really have any concrete plans yet. We just want to savour this moment and continue to promote this video. We want to show everyone how great this fandom is. That everything is possible in this family.

If you got to speak to the boys about the music video, what would you want to say to them?

Nicole: Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interact with each other and make this whole project possible. You boys are amazing and we’ll never be able to thank you enough. We hope you enjoy the video.
Alannah:  If I spoke to the boys, I would tell them that I went through all the stress, drama, and hard work to make something amazing for them. After all, that is what they do for us day after day. I made this music video for them, to show them how much I love them and support them and that I am so proud. The music video can only show a sliver of my appreciation for them, but a sliver is still something. I really can’t thank them enough because they do so much, but I mainly did it because I love them more than they can imagine. I have made two best friends through this project, and the whole experience has been surreal and just incredible. The support has been amazing.
Brianna: I would like to say to the boys that this music video is for them. Everything thing we’ve done since 2010 is for you. I love you guys so much and it’s hard to believe that its been 5 years. There are no words to describe how much we love you and how greatful we are. Even though the fandom has done some unacceptable things thank you for staying. You guys are the most important people in our lives and are just so talented. We love you and we will support you guys till the end. Im so ready for the fifth album and Louis you slay us all.
Mikah: If I’m given the chance to speak to them about the Music video, I’ll say that they deserve this and I’ll thank them for everything that they have done for us. They literally changed my life and I met my internet bestfriends because of them, WORDS AREN’T ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL TOWARDS THEM AND HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR THEIR EXISTENCE IN THIS WORLD.
Sophia: Well, I just want to thank them for being an inspiration to us. They may not know it but to some fans, they are the reason why they are alive. The band gives so much hope to fans in ways no one could ever imagine. I just want to thank them for being themselves and for always caring about their fans. For treating us more than a customer or a fan. They treat us as a family.

Thanks for chatting with us, girls! 

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