Analyse One Direction’s ‘Night Changes’ artwork with us – What does that rip mean lads?

Forget ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’- these days it’s all about Keeping Up with the 1D boys because this week has been too much for us to handle.

Band Aid, 1DOrlando, FOUR and now they’re releasing another single! And as always, new single = snazzy new artwork. We take a look at the ‘Night Changes’ single artwork and decode the hidden messages that you wouldn’t see at first glance. Oooh.

BEHOLD. The ‘Night Changes’ artwork.

1d Night ChangesSo you think it’s just an innocent single cover, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Let’s take a closer look.

1. The split in the middle 

Some people think this secretly means that it symbolises the boys’ ending is near. Of the band, that is. But that is, in fact, incorrect. There’s a simpler explanation to the divide – they couldn’t decide on what the background should be. When viewing the location options for the photo, team Ziaouis (sounds foreign, doesn’t it?) thought  the funky animal print carpet and all round posh looking living room was the bees knees. However, team Lirry thought it was way cooler to all sit on a pouffe kind of thing. In order to stop silly school girls squabbles over interior, they decided to make this artsy fartsy kind of look. And we love it.

2. Narry looking at the same thing

Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I’m a Celeb is on the telly in the room and they both couldn’t resist watching who was doing the Bush Tucker Trial – they’ve always had a secret guilty pleasure of reality tv shows. We mean, they were on one after all!

3. Zayn looking cheesed off

It’s not because he’s deep in thought to keep up his mysterious vibe. Nope, much simpler than that. He and Perrie had an argument over who used the last lot of Pantene Ice Shine conditioner and they totally sold out in ASDA.

4. The rip in Liam’s knee

There we were thinking Payno was being stylish and more rock’n’roll when really, Loki got his paws on his jeans and nibbled a hole in them. Running out of time to get another pair from out of the wash, Liam quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and quickly created 5SOS inspired ripped skinny jeans et voila- totes fashionable.

Harry shocked

We know- you’ll never see the single cover in the same light ever again. We certainly won’t.

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