It’s time to unite and start planning #1DAlbum5Promotion with this 1D global project

We’ve just told you about the Rea1Deal and now there’s another project to get excited for!

This project takes place post album release and will be all about promoting the album to the max. So what does this one include?

  • Fan Listening Party – volunteeers will organise for each of their countries / states to have a listening party together.
  • Review day – fans will be going into shopping malls, streets, etc. with extra purchases of the album and getting people to listen to one song from the tracklist. If they really like the song, they’re given an album. Pretty expensive, but fans collaborating together will definitely raise the money.
  • Fan meet ups – fans will organise meet ups in their countries in front of a famous monument to meet other fans and promote the album. We wanna go!
  • Social Media – Fans will be dominating social media with #WeLove1DAlbum, constantly shazaming the album to get it to the top of the charts, requesting the first single and all of the album tracks on their radio stations, sharing everything on Facebook and listening to the album on repeat on Spotify! #Teamwork

Cor, blimey. Directioners have it all planned, don’t they? We’re even more excited for the album release than we thought!

1d gif xo

For all the info you need and updates, follow @1DGlobalProject and don’t forget to volunteer and get involved!

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