Uh oh – One Direction fans are not happy and that’s never a good thing. Where is No Control?

What are One Direction doing? Well, not pleasing their fans at the moment, that’s for sure.

For the past few months, One Direction fans have taken part in Project No Control, trying to give the song ‘No Control’ the love that it deserves. Sadly, they’re not receiving love back.

All they wanted was for ‘No Control’ to be part of the OTRA setlist and yet… nothing. They’re not asking for much, are they? It’s only normal for a fan to want the band to perform new songs from their latest album instead of the same song they’ve been playing for three tours now.

Here are five reasons they should play ‘No Control’:

1) The fans want it. Come on, boys… do it for the fans! Play No Control!

2) Louis leads the chorus and he’s never led a chorus before. If anyone deserves it, Louis does!

3) It’s never been performed before. EVER! Imagine the fans’ possible reactions…

4) Europe already had a WWA tour! They don’t want an WWA 2.0 which is basically what OTRA has become… Give them the real OTRA!

5) Because secretly we know the boys want to perform it too.


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