Directioners give Louis Tomlinson the best birthday present ever, in the shape of a LOT of money they donated to charity!

So One Direction think Directioners are the best fans in the world.  They’ve also proved themselves to everyone else by raising a load of cash for charity in honour of Louis Tomlinson’s Birthday.


Yup 1D fans have done some serious good by raising £16,800 for the Eden Dora Trust because our boy Louis is a patron from the charity.


The plan was to raise the £16K by Louis’ big day on the 24th December but those dedicated Directioners managed to do it a massive 10 days early. That’s bloody good ent it!


The fundraising page wrote: “Louis Tomlinson has done so much for fans and The Eden Dora Trust so we, the fans, would like to give back.”

Good on you Directioners, you have definitely earned the title for the best fans in the world!

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